A Special Annual Day Celebration- Story for Children by Muraly TV

A Special Annual Day Celebration- Story for Children by Muraly TV
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A Special Annual Day Celebration

Little Chameli lived with her parents in a small house on a hillock.  She excelled not only in studies but also in sports and adventurous activities. She loved Mother Nature from her heart and always tried to learn much about it.  Of course, Chameli was a very pretty little girl with a cute dimple on her cheek and shining eyes.

She was passionate of doing various philanthropic activities through adventure sports as she always loved to remain as a girl with a difference.  Chameli earned laurels and awards for her academic and social welfare activities from not only the school authorities but also from the Panchayat.  Her parents motivated and supported her.

It was a pleasant Friday morning.  After the Morning Prayer, the Headmistress announced in the assembly – “As you know, next week-end we are going to celebrate our Annual Day.  Unlike previous year’s celebrations, I like to see some specialty during this year’s event”.

“Madam, what do you mean by specialty?” asked little Chameli surprisingly.

With a smile on her face, the headmistress replied – “This year, I would like to see some sort of special activities by my students apart from the usual arts, crafts, dance, music and sports events.  Let me see if anyone can come back to me with new ideas by today evening”.

The assembly got dispersed.  Chameli could not concentrate much on her class.  She finished her lunch very fast during the lunch break and sat alone under the big banyan tree in the courtyard.

Chameli stared at the ants moving slowly with food grains near to her.  To Chameli, the disciplined movement of those ants looked like a battalion of soldiers marching ‘left – right, left – right’ in a rhythm.  Suddenly, a few naughty squirrels swiftly passed by Chameli and sat on the seats of the bicycles parked in the nearby parking area in a joyous mood.

“Wow!!” clapped little Chameli happily as if she got an idea.  She thought for a while and ran to the teachers’ room.  Headmistress was having a casual talk with teachers after the lunch.

“Excuse me, madam”, little Chameli took permission and entered the teachers’ room.

“Yes Chameli, sit down and tell me”, replied the headmistress.

“Madam, we will do an adventurous Mission”, Chameli said.

“Mission??” exclaimed teachers asked Chameli to explain.

Confidently Chameli started explaining her plans – “Our Mission will be aimed at the very purpose of ‘Protect Mother Nature – Go Green’ by planting saplings.  We will not only plant saplings at different locations but also distribute saplings to many people and disseminate the importance of protecting Mother Nature.  We will have two teams – one team on bicycles and the other team on foot.  Students on foot will cover the surrounding areas whereas cyclists will move towards far away locations from the school within the Panchayat limit.  Teachers need to help us in procuring saplings from Panchayat and Forest Department.  Students who are good at drawing and painting will make the banners, placards, signboards and stickers”, little Chameli stopped for a while and continued.

“We will finalize the activities and locations day-wise from Day 1 to Day 3, during the Annual Feast.  Teachers need to help us to make this action plan.  Headmistress has to allot us at least half an hour time on all these days for the said activity.  Each team will have a leader who will further be monitored by a teacher.  We request a few teachers’ participation during the rally for support and care on the road”, said little Chameli and waited for some response from the headmistress.

“Chameli, it is really a good idea and we appreciate your action plan.  So, how do you like to go about it”, the headmistress asked Chameli with a smiling face.

Chameli felt very happy and thanked all the teachers.  “Madam…” continued Chameli – “I will take responsibility of making two teams and allot duties and responsibilities to each participant.  I will lead the team of cyclists.  Placards and banners will be fixed on the bicycles.  Students on foot will hold the banners and placards.  Each participant will also carry saplings along with them and distribute or plant accordingly”.

“So, what is the specialty, Chameli?” asked the PT teacher.

Smilingly, Chameli replied – “Sir, this is going to be an Adventurous Mission for a Social Cause.  We will not only be disseminating the significance of Go Green but also doing an adventure by long distance walking and cycling.  Participation by students in adventure sports will certainly teach them the value of physical fitness, adaptability to different tough situations, adjustments with the climate changes, value of food and water, discipline, tolerance and many such factors as we come out of our comfort zones during such adventurous rides”.

Everyone liked Chameli’s idea.  Headmistress along with teachers made a proper action plan.  PT teacher took responsibility of procuring saplings in liaison with the Panchayat and Forest Officials.  Music teacher composed a few songs for the event.  Computer teacher printed different types of signage, slogans and banners.  Gardener Ramu chacha took responsibility of providing flowers to children for gifting to elderly people on the way.  Ammu aaya was made in-charge of making sufficient lemon juice.

Thus, the school got ready to celebrate its Annual Day in a special way.  Hundreds of pamphlets were printed for circulation during the rally.  Pamphlets mentioned all about the significance of “Go Green”.  How the trees protect the environment and life in earth was narrated in the pamphlets in the local language so as to enable the poor villagers to read and understand.  Two children in each team were made responsible to orally narrate the significance of their Mission to the uneducated folks.

As per the Day-wise Plan approved by the headmistress, children and teachers reached at many locations – one team on foot and the other on their bicycles.  Chameli was highly excited to lead her team to distant locations.  Cycling on the hilly roads was a very tough job.  The walkers too had a tough time walking on the narrow and rough pathways at many areas.  They distributed pamphlets and saplings to many people.  They themselves planted saplings at selected locations.  They experienced the toughness and the hardships while undertaking such an adventurous Mission.

The said Mission could also teach them how to take care of their partner who is in danger.  A few weak students needed assistance and support from others to continue the rides at a few times.  Children learned the value of sharing and caring.

On the final day, children and teachers were greeted by many Government officials in presence of villagers at the school premise.

“It was just not an effort of distributing hundreds of plants but a Mission for a Social Cause in an adventurous manner by little children who are the future of Tomorrow; the Hope of our Country”, said the Panchayat President.  Officials from the District Administration appreciated the school authorities and all the children for their sincere participation in making their Annual Day a very big success with a specialty.

Little Chameli was awarded with a Letter of Appreciation signed by the District Education Officer for her initiative for such a noble Social Cause in a different way.  “One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade” The DEO recited the popular Chinese proverb.  Children clapped and cheered up.

“Wow!! I could do wonders just by cycling”, exclaimed little Chameli.  Suddenly, she remembered something and ran towards the big banyan tree.  She thanked the ants and squirrels.

Singer cuckoo sang melodiously sitting on the branch of the big banyan tree.  Parrots too joined in the orchestra.  Naughty monkeys shook the branches and expressed their joy.  The cool breeze gently patted the children and wiped off their sweat.  Sun hid behind the clouds for a while.

Little Chameli’s sweet smile blossomed with the cute dimple on her cheek.   She danced and ran around the big banyan tree out of her excitement and happiness.

“Protect Mother Nature – Save Earth – Plant more Trees…” a few tiny tots were still shouting slogans while tasting the sweet toffees.

What a special Annual Day Celebration!! Mother Nature silently smiled.

Author Muraly TV is an Indian Airforce veteran and actively writing articles,poems and stories for children and grown ups. He also promotes patriotism and charity work through various activities.


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